Design for a better world

I work with developing concepts, I use my experience with graphic design and illustration to create beautiful products and experiences.

I incorporate sustainability and social responsibility into everything I work with. I am not afraid to say my opinion. I work with Bjarke and Hester that are organic farmers. Together we create an identity with a focus on the local community.

POMPEI Exhibition at MOMU

I worked with this exhibition in three different ways; I was responsible for, and designed the exhibition to make it accessible and interesting for children, I made a huge map to show the expansion of the Roman empire and illustrate how their resources were distributed and finally made the exhibition come alive in the museum. I collaborated closely with Camilla Bjarnø, an archaeol- ogist with a creative mind, and she made sure that all my illustrations were historically correct.

A story for children

It is important to tell a story of hope when dealing with children. We needed to make a scenario that would include all the dif- ferent aspects of life around Pompeii and also include the story of the Roman empire without any children dying. We did this with 7 dioramas with sound clips showing scenarios from a child’s perspective. We also produced a workbook that provided parents with the possibility to explain related objects in the exhibitions.

Creating life in the city

Humans have always been humans. Graffiti is not a new phenomenon. I think that including graffiti transformed our Pompeii from bare theatre walls to something more human and thereby more alive.

Mapping the bigger story

These are the first huge prints I have made. I wanted to make some visually appealing maps as well as communicating the story clearly. I also wanted to engage children so I included sea monsters and other small details in the map for children to explore.

The Condition of a poster

These infographic posters explain how things are changing, transforming and format-ting. The viewer can interact and therefore influence the transformation. This gives a deeper understanding of the content. The movements come from the objects that they represent. A butterfly, meat grinder and an electrical outlet. This aspect of inter- action with the posters leads to a stronger engagement. It is therefore intended for amuseum or exhibition.

How did i get here

It started out with 3 objects; a meat grinder, a light switch and a butterfly. I worked with different views and ways
of conceptualizing an object. From taking it apart and grinding stuff to seeing them as metaphors for abstractconcepts as death and transformation.

The legacy from ‘Flora Danica’

I take pride in the craftsmanship. Classic watercolor is a trial in patience and diligence. It’s like playing an instrument, it needs to be maintained and exercised

regularly. I’m glad to bring the dry watercolor technique with me into the future.

But it is a utopic to believe it has its place in modern design, but it does not change it’s a skill that should be preserved. It shows beauty through the hard work, The drawing underneath took 15 hours to paint.

Bank of love

Every year 40.000 people gather to celebrate good food and music in Denmark’s cultural capital, Aarhus. This year I designed a project to give money a new value. These bills send love, music and friendship out into the world. Money only has value if we trust it, and trust is the first step to love. And as you look at the bill you will see the reflection of yourself as the portrait on the bill. So keep in mind that every bill is a sign of love and that there is more than one way to be rich.